Even though I am super handsome (look out GQ here I come) I don't grow the typical super soft fleece that WoodsEdge Farm is known for, but hey I still contribute - my fiber is used in our all natural rugs.  Here at WoodsEdge, we produce everything from heirloom home furnishings to the warmest garments imaginable.  When you visit me, make sure you check out our Farm Store (open Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm for the month of January).

Brent and Amy don't want me working too hard (it's a full time job growing fiber, socializing with visitors and pitching my own reality series to Bravo), so, I will be posting once a month. I appreciate you taking the time to read about me.  I can't wait to share my insight and escapades in my upcoming Letters from Larry blog. Please send questions to Amy@WoodsEdgeEvents.com (she's my personal assistant) or visit our WoodsEdge Farm and WoodsEdge Wedddings & Events pages on Facebook. 

Until next time...


Over the years, WoodsEdge has hosted many agri-tourism events and weddings. Being that I’m the social butterfly of the farm (don’t ask any of the llama ladies – they will say that they’re the cat’s meow around here), these soirées and get-togethers have opened up a whole new world for both me and the attendees!  I get some much needed attention and they get to learn about me & what WoodsEdge Farm is all about.  

I have lots of comrades in the Macho Barn, but I spend most of my time with my BFF, Blue, he's a llama too (who said Llamas can't rhyme). I’m normally hanging out in the pasture beside my crimson red barn, but if you don’t see me – just call my name ‘Laaarrrrryyyy’ and I’ll come running (you should first get your cell phone camera ready – you’ll see why). I love visitors, especially if they bring me mouth-watering alfalfa morsels from the Farm Store. I also adore taking pictures with my many admirers - I mean, who wouldn't want a selfie with me?  

Everyone always says things like stop & smell the roses or take the time to pause & reflect and they are quite right. Here on the farm I'm stopping to grab a mouthful of fresh sprouted onion grass (my fav gluten free snack) and reflecting on things past & present. You see, I didn't have such an easy go of things early on - now hang on, this isn't a sob story, but rather a quick snippet of where I came from.

About five years ago, I remember this guy walked in to my house uninvited, gave me the once over - you know that look you get on a first date - and said "Hey Larry, nice to meet you. You up for a road trip?" I can't lie; things at that time in my life had gotten pretty stale. I was hanging out with the same guys and the scenery never seemed to change. So yeah, I was game and just like that I packed my bags and we were on the road. We arrived in good spirits and once the door flung open and I hopped out I knew I had found paradise - fences as far as the eye could see and pastures filled with lush green grass, new digs knee-deep in straw which felt like moving from a one bedroom in NYC to a sprawling estate in the country.  That's when things started to look up for me.

Fast forward to today where I'm the resident celebrity at WoodsEdge Farm. My name is Larry - Larry the Llama - nice to meet you! My owners, Brent & Amy adopted me from a farm in upstate New York and I’ve been here ever since. In order to 'earn my keep', I was asked to start this blog (I think Amy got tired of shushing away the paparazzi, returning phone calls and answering emails from my followers. Sorry TMZ - you now have to follow my blog). So to all my fans, this is your opportunity to get it straight from the llama's mouth. You wanted to know more about my life and what's happening at WoodsEdge Farm - I'm excited to give you some insider 411 about what goes on beyond my pasture fence.